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    At Brown's Auto Salvage we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality used auto parts buying experience possible. To do this, we combine state of the art, environmentally friendly used parts processing techniques and our ebay inspired 100% positive feedback mentality.

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    Service Promise

    Any used auto parts supplier is only as good as the service they offer. With any used part, including used engines, transmissions and wheels, there are number of variables involved beyond the year, make and model. Mileage, condition, and expected delivery date are all key aspects that determine the value of a used auto part to a particular customer. With this in mind, we at Brown's Auto Salvage can make you three promises:

    • 1. On time delivery
    • 2. Accurately described used parts
    • 3. Helpful, knowledgeable salesmen

    Used Parts

    1. 1. The cars we buy are selected by a computerized inventory program that bases its recommendations on past sales. This way we always have the most popular used car parts in stock. If we don;t happen to have the used part you need in stock, our salesmen can locate it for you from our online network of auto salvage yards and new aftermarket part suppliers. This way we are able to provide parts from all makes, including hard to find used parts from Saab, Audi, Nissan, Jeep, and more!

    2. 2. Once we have removed the OEM parts from an end of life vehicle, they are inspected for quality using the ARA Certified Auto Recycler Gold Seal standards. Once a used part is sold and before it is delivered to our customer, it is cleaned using a water-based parts washer using bioremediation technology. This way we are able to deliver a very consistent quality of used auto parts.

    3. 3. Mechanical parts normally containing oil, such as engines, transmissions and rear differentials are always drained during the dismantling process. This ensures that there are no spills on site and allows for a much cleaner used part and delivery process.

    4. 4. Electrical parts such as window regulators, window switches, ECM's and starter motors are inspected for corrosion and not put into inventory if any is found.

    5. 5. Body parts such as hoods, doors and fenders are inspected for damage and paint quality. Color and conditions are described before the part is purchased.

    100% Positive Customer Feedback

    To ensure that every customer is satisfied, we have a staff of experienced auto part salesmen who know how to ensure that you find the correct part for your application and budget. Every used auto part we sell comes with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee with full year guarantees available.